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The Day After


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I am glad for the time off and the chance to get away from work far a few extra days. But today mark the beginning of the training cycle for the Country Music Marathon. I have done a few runs off and on since my last post. I […]

Solid Run


Had a solid run yesterday. 6.7 miles at a 8:30 pace. Felt strong the weather was perfect. The Garmin is dropping out in a few places, but I want to see how it does over the long term. I understand it hasd to learn the positions of the satellites over time. Will see how it […]

I ran 6 miles (5.71 on the Garmin) yesterday. I took it easy. No ill effects today. I did some stationary bike and weight today. tommorrow I will try a long run and see how the legs feel then. For now I will avoid running two days in a row until I feel reasonably sure […]

One more day


Tomorrow is the big day. Hopefully I will get an idea of how my shins have recovered. They feel fine for the most part and I think I have given them adequete rest. The weather should be warmer adn I can take my time, maybe incorporate some walking as well. I have really noticed a […]

Lite work


Yesterday and this morning I didn;t do much in the way of a a workout. Yesterday i stretched a bit, but not much more and today I did some Leg presses and Calf Raises to maintain some strength. Hopped on the tread mill for a few minutes but felt a bit of pain in the […]

No problem


Well I ran yesterday and used the Garmin for the first time. I will have to say this piece of technology is pretty unbelieveable. Im kind of old school so this was a quantuum leap in technology over the Timex Ironman watches I have been wearing for the past 15 years. But it is useable […]

I have recently purchased a Garmin 305 GPS/heart rate monitor and can’t wait to use it. So today I will give it a whirl. I know I should wait a few more days before getting back into trianing, but I am getting claustrophobic. This will be an easy run. If I have any pain, good […]