Resolution Run


The Resolution Run 5k on New Years Day was held on a cold blustery morning. Even though the race didn’t start until 10:00AM it was still chilly. About 45 degrees with a windchill in the lower 30’s. Unfortunately for me when I strapped on my Garmin before the race, it came up “Low Battery” then shut off. My forst race with this great technology and I had a dead battery.

Without the watch I figured i would just cruise with the pack and see how I faired. I was about 20-30 seconds back from front when I crossed the starting line. I felt pretty good for such a cold morning so I pushed the pace up 1st avenue to the top of the bridge over the Cumberland. I had been practicing running downhill so I pushed it even harder going over the other side of the bridge. That is one of the good things of having trained with a heart rate monitor. When running down hill even if you think you have a good pace, your HR drop quite a bit. From this I realized I could push harder downhill then I normally did.

The timer at 1 mile yelled out 7:30 as I passed where he was standing. That would put me as around 7:10- 7:15 for the first mile. That was a bit faster then I normally run. I maintianed a decent pace on the other side of the Collesium until Don Barnnet cought me at about the 1.5 m mark. He usually beats me by a minute or so. As I hit the 2m mile mark they were yelling out 15:00. So my pace slowed to about 7:30 on the second mile. Still ahead of normal pace. After the finish line for both the CMM 1/2 and full marathon, the pedestrian bridge was looming ahead. From the bottom you can see where the first 100 yards of the bridge has a much steeper grade then the last 200 yards. So you tell yourself if I can just get to the part where the grade levels a bit I will be fine. Well by the time you get to the change in grade the brigde has already taken its toll and the rest of it is shear torture.

I tried to keep my pace by increasing my stride frequency and shortening my stride. I wasn’t really working and you could feel yourself lose momentum almost immediately. As I struggled to the top where it actually was flat, I was on the verge of losing my breakfast. Fortunately I skipped the morning bagel. The last part of the run was down hill al the way to the finish. Once again I pushed the pace going downhill. Just a quick left then a quick right and then the finish line was in site. I started to pick people off one by one unitl the final stretch with one more person whitin reach and I pushed past him with about 15 yards to go. I crossed the line at around 23:24. Not knowing what my actual chip time was I figure I finished at 23:00.

After what seemed like an eternity in the cold wind they finally publishe d the results, They apologized for the delay and said they were having problems with the equipment. I looked on the list and it saod I ran 23:01. I was pretty happy with the effort considering the elements and the course. My best up to that point was at the O-fest run on a much flatter course 22:56.
Yesterday morning when I got to work I logged into the Strider’s website to see the corporate results. We finished second to the Vandy team. BUt to my surprise the revised results showed that I had ran the 5k in 22.53. A PR by 3 seconds! Totally unexpected. I am glad I showed up!

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