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There are many who repeat that hackneyed expression ‘while there’s life there’s hope’, as if hope were an excuse for ambling along through life without too many complications or worries on one’s conscience. Or as if it were a pretext for postponing indefinitely the decision to mend one’s ways and the struggle to attain worthwhile […]

Resolution Run


The Resolution Run 5k on New Years Day was held on a cold blustery morning. Even though the race didn’t start until 10:00AM it was still chilly. About 45 degrees with a windchill in the lower 30’s. Unfortunately for me when I strapped on my Garmin before the race, it came up “Low Battery” then […]

The Day After


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I am glad for the time off and the chance to get away from work far a few extra days. But today mark the beginning of the training cycle for the Country Music Marathon. I have done a few runs off and on since my last post. I […]

Solid Run


Had a solid run yesterday. 6.7 miles at a 8:30 pace. Felt strong the weather was perfect. The Garmin is dropping out in a few places, but I want to see how it does over the long term. I understand it hasd to learn the positions of the satellites over time. Will see how it […]

I ran 6 miles (5.71 on the Garmin) yesterday. I took it easy. No ill effects today. I did some stationary bike and weight today. tommorrow I will try a long run and see how the legs feel then. For now I will avoid running two days in a row until I feel reasonably sure […]

One more day


Tomorrow is the big day. Hopefully I will get an idea of how my shins have recovered. They feel fine for the most part and I think I have given them adequete rest. The weather should be warmer adn I can take my time, maybe incorporate some walking as well. I have really noticed a […]

Lite work


Yesterday and this morning I didn;t do much in the way of a a workout. Yesterday i stretched a bit, but not much more and today I did some Leg presses and Calf Raises to maintain some strength. Hopped on the tread mill for a few minutes but felt a bit of pain in the […]