Advent Begins


Today is the beginning of Advent. For Catholics and other liturgically oriented Christians this is the beginning of the new Church year. It is a preparation for Christmas which signifies the coming of the Messiah to the ancient world that had been foretold by the Hebrew prophets. During Advent we remember his great event in history as well as look forward His return at the end of this age. It is a good time to take an inventory of our spiritual life and be aware of thost things that hinder our growth as children of God.

Coincidently, I have had to take some time off from running due to some leg pain which is most likely shin splints. It may be due to a number of things; worn out shoes, a recent increase in running intensity, lack of rest between hard efforts. It could be anyone of these things or something completely different. But what I must do is take some time off , but I must also prepare myself so that it doesn’t happen again. If it becomes more chronic it could cause a stress fracture. Just like during Advent I need to take inventory of my training and how I can do it better and more efficiently in the future so I don’t end up with a serious injury.

First Post


This is my first blog message. I am not sure exactly what I am doing, but I will figure it out….eventually. The purpose is to maintain a jouranl of my running including the type of trianing I do. I will also probably pontificate on whatever is on my mind at the time. I will try an tie it into my running some how. In the course of relating my running experience I will no doubt also relate my spiritual perspective as well.