No problem


Well I ran yesterday and used the Garmin for the first time. I will have to say this piece of technology is pretty unbelieveable. Im kind of old school so this was a quantuum leap in technology over the Timex Ironman watches I have been wearing for the past 15 years. But it is useable technology, even for guy like me. I will update more in the future when I get a handle on some of the more deatiled features.

As far as the run went, I ran pain free for 3.41 miles at 8:15 pace. I ran with Brady who is a competetive sort (played college and pro football). That meant we couldn’t just finish the run on an even pace we had to sprint up the last hill at the end. Got the Heart rate up to a max of 179. That a bit higher then I have been able to do on a staionary bike. Will take today off. Another day rest. Hopefully a long run this weekend to put the shins to the test.

I have recently purchased a Garmin 305 GPS/heart rate monitor and can’t wait to use it. So today I will give it a whirl. I know I should wait a few more days before getting back into trianing, but I am getting claustrophobic. This will be an easy run. If I have any pain, good or bad I will wait a few more days.

On related note I am toying with the idea of doing some trial running to reduce the pounding my legs take on the pavement. There are a few trail runs coming up later this winter that look to be a lot of fun. They are long events, but you are not running the entire time. If I can do some long runs on trial as opposed to pavement, I might be able to avoid further damage and be able to make it to the CMM (Country Music Marathon) in April.

Painful Reality


Everything’s Zen……I don’t think so! -Bush Sixteen Stone

While I was doing my 30 minutes of stationary bike this morning I was listening to an old favorite of mine BUSH. Well, everything is not Zen. As a matter of fact reality is pretty painful and can not be suspended forever or blissfully ignored. It must be dealt with. The longer we put off dealing wth reality and its associated pain the worse it will be when the gig is up. It is best to recognize it for what it is, deal with it and then move on.

Dealing with pain is something we don’t do a real good job of in our society. Our society seeks comfort at all costs. We will pay anything to be comfortable and avoid discomfort. A life spent avoiding discomfort and pain will leave us totally unprepared for when real tragedy strikes.

So, it looks like I will have to wait until this coming weekend to see if I can run again. The Shins feel fine on the bike, but I need to let them rest bit more to be safe. For a runner injuries are always measured by how long recovery takes. We want some magical remedy to fix the problem so we don’t miss too many workouts. For a runner the most painful thing to do is to do nothing. If we are to continue to be a healthy runner, that is a pain we must find a way to embrace.

Advent Begins


Today is the beginning of Advent. For Catholics and other liturgically oriented Christians this is the beginning of the new Church year. It is a preparation for Christmas which signifies the coming of the Messiah to the ancient world that had been foretold by the Hebrew prophets. During Advent we remember his great event in history as well as look forward His return at the end of this age. It is a good time to take an inventory of our spiritual life and be aware of thost things that hinder our growth as children of God.

Coincidently, I have had to take some time off from running due to some leg pain which is most likely shin splints. It may be due to a number of things; worn out shoes, a recent increase in running intensity, lack of rest between hard efforts. It could be anyone of these things or something completely different. But what I must do is take some time off , but I must also prepare myself so that it doesn’t happen again. If it becomes more chronic it could cause a stress fracture. Just like during Advent I need to take inventory of my training and how I can do it better and more efficiently in the future so I don’t end up with a serious injury.

First Post


This is my first blog message. I am not sure exactly what I am doing, but I will figure it out….eventually. The purpose is to maintain a jouranl of my running including the type of trianing I do. I will also probably pontificate on whatever is on my mind at the time. I will try an tie it into my running some how. In the course of relating my running experience I will no doubt also relate my spiritual perspective as well.